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Projects Nov 15, 2021

Golden Math

I have an Instagram Math Page (@golden_math_) where I post advanced Mathematics-related content. It has about 4500 followers at the time of writing this post. I post exciting problems and feature compelling solutions. I also post Math animations made using Magnum. I research and design the content on the page independently.

In addition, I have collaborated with other Math pages on Instagram to run exciting series of posts. Major ones include: "Computational Thinking Series" with @daily_math_ and "Inequalities Ultimate Guide" with @mathinity.

My current favorite post there is:


I am a Chair Member of "GAMMA," which stands for Global and Multicultural Mathematical Association. We are an association of 8 Mathematics lovers on Instagram with a combined following of more than 235k. We conduct competitions like IGMO around the year and intend to hold some of the most significant Math events.


GAMMA's free-to-enter, online, annual Math competition, "IGMO" stands for International GAMMA Math Olympiad (formerly Instagram Math Olympiad). In its first edition in 2020, it attracted 2500+ participants from 80+ countries. Read more about IGMO on its official website.


GAMMA's official Discord server, "IGMC," stands for International GAMMA Math Community. It is one of the most considerable Math servers on Discord. It features activities like Question of the Day (AIME styled), Problem of the Day (National Math Olympiad style), and fun activities like Chess tournaments, puzzles, meme sharing, etc. Furthermore, discussions revolve around topics ranging from Algebra to Discrete Mathematics in dedicated channels.

I am the owner and one of the moderators of IGMC. We have 2500+ members on the server. Join it here:


I am a chair member of ISODN, which stands for International Science Olympiad Discord Network. In addition, I am a moderator of Mathematical Olympiads Discord Server (MODS), a partner server of Discord (Invite: ISODN has 15000+ members across its different servers like MODS, PHODS (Physics), CODS (Chemistry).

Read more about MODS and ISODN here.


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