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Projects May 18, 2021

Novel and Effective Tridax procumbens Extract for Protection against Yellow Mosaic Virus in Abelmoschus esculentus (Okra)

Yellow mosaic virus disease causes 50%-94% losses annually in Abelmoschus esculentus crops. It causes stunted growth, shrinkage of leaves, discoloration, and yield loss. This is an annual feature in India, and crop management techniques such as hybrid seeds, pesticides, and mutations have failed. Using Tridax procumbens extract, I tested the hypothesis that this extract will inhibit the virus and enhance yield. Abelmoschus esculentus (Okra) seeds were sown in a 42 sq.m area. Tridax procumbens extract was made by crushing the entire plant. The extract was diluted in water in 12.5%, 20%, 40%, and 60 % concentrations and sprayed on 40 Okra plants (10 plants per concentration) fortnightly. Ten plants were control plants. Plant height, laminar leaf area, number of fruits, leaf, and fruit color of Okra plants was recorded every 15 days. Data were analyzed using ANOVA and Post Hoc Tukey test. Secondary metabolites’ analysis of extract done using Thin Layered Chromatography showed the presence of phenols, terpenoids, saponins, and flavonoids. Compared to control plants (mean height 26.8 cm) 20% concentration spray squirted highest plant height (mean height =45.8 cm). Similar results were obtained for laminar leaf area for control plants (mean=215.8 20% concentration (mean=332.80; Number of fruit for control plants (mean=11.4) 20% concentration (mean=21.3). Control plants showed discoloration, whereas experimental plants were dark green. This study showed that Tridax procumbens extract inhibited the Yellow Mosaic Virus and improved the yield of Okra by 87%. It is zero cost and safe as it is a wild plant with antioxidant, antibiotic, immunomodulatory properties.

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Oldy-Goldy Club

When I see older people around me looking helplessly towards the young, not for their money or protection but for a bit of time to sit with them, hold their hands and listen to them, I feel despondent. Why are the hands that rocked our cradle and held us strong so that we may live happily shaking so much? The question is, what can we do to repay them for what they have done for us? Is earning money and keeping a nurse our only way to express our gratitude and love for them?

When I see the old retired professionals who were
respected throughout their life for their work and wisdom
looking for someone who could notice them, I feel
sad. The vast ocean of knowledge that they hold in their minds and hearts is ready to overflow and guide the paths of the struggling youth, but where is that youth? Why are the fingers that wrote the policies for the nation and led the country to the acme of development searching in the dim light a finger to hold? The question is, what can we do to harness the energy they still have to guide the nation to a brighter path?

When I see an old grandmother shedding tears silently, I feel sad when she happily rushed to the kitchen to make a delicacy for her grandchildren and asked to sit and relax. Why is she not allowed to cook the food that not only her children but their friends enjoyed too? What can we do to let them live naturally and help them feel like an essential part of the family?

I wish to change this helpless situation of older people all over the world. I have tried to bring about a slight change in the town where I stay to see if my thought can be converted into fruitful action. When I saw the idea working and the grandparents feeling ʻGrandʼ, my happiness knew no bounds.
One fine day when I was visiting my friend, I saw his younger sister and her friends

sitting near his grandfather, and all of them were laughing merrily. My friend told me that his grandfather took a one-hour session for the children of the colony every evening, which included yoga, meditation, story-telling, and vocabulary building. I was amazed. I came home and chalked out a plan of action and then visited sixteen libraries in my town. I requested them to allow me to conduct one life skills session every week. They readily agreed as the footfall in the libraries has been decreasing day by day due to the advent of the internet. I then approached the retired people in my town and requested them to spend time with the young children of our town every weekend. Some of them showed a bit of hesitation, but then big smiles adorned their faces. With two primary tasks accomplished, I turned my attention to the most challenging task: convincing the parents to send their children for these life skills sessions. But believe me, they all readily agreed. The big day arrived, and our first session started. There was sheer happiness all around. The ʻgoldy- oldiesʼ-thatʼs what I call them were looking ten years younger! They had the reins in their hands once again.

I wish to bring this change to every nook and corner of the world. I am sure that the clueless young generation will get a guided path to walk upon. There can be ʻoldy-goldyʼ clubs of old scientists for the teenagers and the college students to guide them on innovative projects. There can be ʻoldy-goldyʼ clubs of grandmothers for the young daughters who want to equip themselves for a happy married life. There can be ʻoldy-goldyʼ clubs of artists to color the life of the young.

I wish I could start ʻoldy-goldyʼ clubs worldwide to make my oldies live healthy and happy and help the stressed, disoriented, self-centered, unsympathetic youth live their lives with internal satisfaction. Only experienced can shape the inexperienced!

Neer Setu Farming: an Innovation

A jute reinforced farming method to save crops from drought.

The model presents an innovative farming method by using Jute fibers to help the farmers and, in turn, reduce the menace of farmer suicides in Maharashtra and Karnataka, and pan India. In addition, using Jute reinforcement will help in water retention in the soil, lower the evaporation rate, cool the upper surface of the soil layer, prevent soil erosion, and increase the crop's productivity with less water consumption.

Jute fibers have been selected because Jute fibers show good absorption capacity due to the presence of numerous polar-OH groups. Their moisture regains value is up to 36% at 100% relative humidity. The water holding capacity of jute is about 500%, whereas its ignition temperature is about 193 degrees. The high specific heat value (1360 J/kg/K) results in good thermal insulation.

Jute fibers are eco-friendly, bio-degradable, cost-effective, and soil friendly as they nurture the soil and help enhance the fertility of the soil.

The model was tested at the Raman Science Centre Innovation Hub and was found to increase the productivity of the wheat crop by 300% and reduce the water consumption by 400%. The test was conducted using a bamboo mesh tray filled with soil in which wheat grains were sown and watered. The jute mesh was placed at the boundary inside the tray, whereas the center portion of the tray was not covered with jute mesh. It was seen that on the 3rd day, the part covered with jute mesh showed small shoots of 6 cm length, whereas the portion not covered with jute did not show any sign of the crop. This model was presented at CSIR-NEERI.

Title: Neer Setu Farming : An innovation Problem: Due to..
Published at the My Gov Innovate India platform

Triple lock life-saving borehole protection lid.

An innovative product to prevent children from falling into unattended bore wells in farms and elsewhere.

A child falling into open unattended bore wells has become a common scenario. Hence, a life-saving bore well lid must be designed to prevent the loss of life. The present invention specifically relates to the field of social cognizance and human safety. It attempts to introduce an innovative method of designing, manufacturing, and installing a Triple lock life-saving bore well protection lid applicable for commercial and non-commercial spectrum usage in human safety. The Triple lock life-saving bore well protection lid presents a cost-effective solution to save the considerable loss of life due to open bore wells.


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