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Projects May 6, 2021


AI Driven Math Animations for all

It is an Open Source Toolkit to turn Math Problems into Elegant Video Animations.

  1. You enter your math-related query, in plain conversational English.
  2. AI figures out how to solve your math problem and how to animate it- all by itself.
  3. You get the working Manim (Python) code and rendered Animations!

We use:

Wolfram Alpha API: To generate step by step solutions to user queries.
OpenAI GPT 3: To convert plain text to LaTeX and Python functions in phases.
MANIM: To animate and render the final solution as .mp4

Have a look at the official website and GitHub repository to know more!

3Blue1Brown's Tweet about Magnum
Greg Brockman's Tweet about Magnum

Epsilon Code

Generate and debug Python code- with some help from AI

Epsilon Code is a tool that can generate Python code from plain-text description (in natural language) for you. It can also get you instant debugging help- much like StackOverflow responses but faster and better than what humans can do!

Everything happens in just 1 click and 2 lines of code! This is THE simplest way that we can imagine coding and debugging - and we are sure you will like it too! The code and debug help comes from the most powerful language model EVER - yes that's GPT-3! We have trained it on thousands of tokens of high quality code and professional responses and it conjures up innovative and resilient solutions to whatever problem you ask it! It has the knowledege of the best of the libraries, APIs, logic loops and Python hacks that it employs to solve your problems in Python in the most efficient way - much like intelligent coders do.

We clean up your request and pass it in to OpenAI's GPT-3 model which has been fine-tuned on thousands of tokens of sustainable code and pre-processed StackOverflow responses.

It understands what libraries and APIs are needed and what should be the overall structure of the code and logic loops. All this information is used to generate 1 unique code that can fulfill your needs.

To know more, have a look at the official website of Epsilon Code.

Greg Brockman's Tweet about Epsilon Code


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